• Lizzie mcguire movie (dvd/ws/p & s)

Lizzie mcguire movie (dvd/ws/p & s)

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.Lizzie and her friends take a class trip to Italy. Year: 2003.Theatrical Release: 2003-05-02.Video Release: 2003-08-12.Studio: Disney. Genre: Comedy. MPAA Rating: PG. CARA: mild thematic elements. Color: Color. Runtime: 90.Animated: Animated/Live-Action. Full Synopsis: Lizzie McGuire has finally graduated junior high and has only her class trip to Italy standing her and high school. Once in Italy, Lizzie is mistaken for a Italian pop singer and is given the royal treatment, including falling in love for the pop singer's ex boyfriend. Lizzie and her friends grow up quite a bit during their Summer abroad and come to realize the true meaning of friendship. Director: Jim Fall. Cast: Jim Fall; Hilary Duff; Claude Knowlton; Adam Lamberg; Clayton Snyder; Ashlie Brillault; Jake Thomas; Brendan Kelly; Carly Schroeder; Alex Borstein; Robert Carradine.
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