• Vintage Champagne on the Edge of Space

Vintage Champagne on the Edge of Space

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The inside story of working on Concorde and flying in the supersonic age of travelIn the era of Concorde, flying aboard this iconic aircraft was akin to being part of an elite club. Sally Armstrong recounts her experiences as a stewardess flying with the rich and famous, meeting superstars and royals, and ensuring their memories of flying on these journeys were as special as they could be. Flying at the edge of space and seeing the curvature of the earth was no ordinary working environment. Flying to exotic locations on various charters was also a normal part of the job. Sally also looks back to the beginnings of Concorde development and the story of how it came to end, and offers her perspective into the Air France crash in 2001. Now consigned to the history books of aviation, Concorde will always be a much-beloved aircraft.
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